Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint brief backstory
Unpleasant times



Sandpoint is located at the confluence of the Hool and Javan rivers in the Hold of the Sea Princes in southern Greyhawk. This subtropical location is good for lumber, farming and fishing and the white sands on the river bank are excellent source of raw materials for glass working.
5 years ago during the “great unpleasantness”, the Sandpoint church was burnt to the ground killing the local cleric and his family. Many people also died at the hands of a mad artist turned serial killer know has Chopper. Cursed with bad luck and a lack of people willing to settle in this notorious town, this venture was almost swallowed up by the marsh.


Fortunately many of the noble families in the region had invested to much in the town and the last five years has seen a concerted effort by the population to rebuild and invigorate the local economy. The crowning glory of all this work is now at hand, a large cathedral now stand upon the ruins of the old church, a mighty structure made of stone, not easily burnt down. Boats are now built in town which has brought a large work force to the area and new accommodation requirements keeps the Carpenter Guild busy.

Rumours of treasure and adventure has also brought new coin to the town as those brave enough to dig around old Suloise ruins stubble in and out of town after each escapade.

So today will be the Swallowtail festival, to celebrate the consecration of the new cathedral. Hundreds are in town to take part and to forget the sins of the past and set the town on the path to a prosperous future.

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