Nezza Alim Zorst

Cleric of Wee Jas


Keeper of the cathedrals bone-yard, Nezza is a feared but very well respected man in Sandpoint. “Everyone eventually ends up in Nezza care” is a common phrase amongst Sandpoint citizens and Nezza corpse like appearance is used by gaurdians to scare children to prayer and good behaviour.

In the goblin raid on Sandpoint Nezza used his abilities to ward the cathedral from evil incursions and was white hot with anger when he realized the crypts under his care had been defiled.



Wee Jas thinks of herself as a steward of the dead. Though she is a relatively benign death goddess, she has no problem with undead being created – as long as they are not reanimated against their will, and their remains are procured in a lawful manner. Wee Jas is unconcerned with questions of morality; if it can be done within the confines of the law, she will allow it. Jasidan priests teach that magic is the key to all things. Jasidan are expected to show respect towards their predecessors and the departed.

Nezza Alim Zorst

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