Father Abstalar Zantus

Head of the Sandpoint Cathedral


Father Zantus is very open about matter of faith and community. He cares for all within Sandpoint and the surrounding farms, often traveling by foot to bless those unable to journey into town.

5 years ago he was an acolyte returning from visiting a farm stead when he saw the old church burning, his mentor Ezakien Tobyn killed in the flames along with his daughter. He has since been a driving force behind the building effort of the new cathedral and has brought together many other faiths under it’s roof.


Cleric of Geshtai

Clerics of Geshtai act as guardians of valuable waters, whether lakes, streams, oases, or hidden wells, making sure that they are available to all and not claimed or destroyed by any one group of people. They patrol parched areas of land where travelers often become lost and guide them to safety and water. Some explore the length of a river or stream, learning the unique traits of the entire flow. They seek out those who use destructive magic upon natural reserves of water, as well as those who would harm people by contaminating water with disease or poison.

Father Abstalar Zantus

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