Elenna Awoad Solomus

Cleric of Ehlonna


Elenna is a quiet and reserved Cleric of Ehlonna. She spends more time out in the farmlands tending to her flock and is often called to heal farm animals more so than the locals. She often clashes with the towns lumber mill over logging sites and has a terse relationship with it’s owner Titus Scarnetti.

In the goblin raid on Sandpoint, she was instrumental in healing and protecting the population that came to the Cathedral. In the later days she exhausted herself healing the many injured horses whom the raiders showed no mercy.


Ehlonna is the patron of all good-aligned folk who love the forests. She is worshipped by hunters, trappers, foresters, rangers, woodcutters, and more. Brownies, elves, gnomes, and halflings are especially attuned to Ehlonna of the Forests, and will willingly aid her.

Ehlonna’s worship is centered in the area from the Wild Coast to the Ulek States, and from the Kron Hills to the sea. She is among the deities worshipped in Hardby.

Elenna Awoad Solomus

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