Carmen Goldfield

Gnome Bard


Gnome Bard lvl 2gnome_meme.jpg
Alignment- Chaotic Good
Str 10
Dex 15
Con 16
Int 16
Wiz 12
Cha 19

Ac 16 Studded Leather


Carmen Goldfield is a traveling merchant making a living of trinkets and artifacts found in old Suloise ruins in the West Keep and Sandpoint area. Traveling via river barges between towns she make regular visits to outlying areas where adventures sell their loot cheap. She has a small store in West Keep run by her cousin (Marrian Goldfield) where prices are inflated to match the commercial markets.

Sandpoint is a regular stopping point for Carmen and she has built a strong relationship with Ameiko Kaijitsu who runs the Rusty Dragon, Carmens favourite haunt while in town.

During the goblin raid on Sandpoint, Carmen and her motley crew where engaged in heavy fighting, killing a goblin leader but seriously injury the young Gnome in the process. Recovering in the Rusty Dragon, Carmen now finds herself a minor celebrity in town.

Carmen Goldfield

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